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“We expect our move to the complete LexisNexis solution to create savings on our overall information and training budget of between 50% and 65%.”


Wortley Byers requirements

Based in Essex, Wortley Byers provides the high quality service associated with some of the larger London law firms to its national clients, but from the lower cost base of an out- of-London location. With a mandate for modernisation, Practice Manager Andrew Moore joined in 2007 and saw his role as not only keeping close control over the finances, but also as supporting and encouraging the marketing and relationship building functions that were his stock-intrade as an ex-barristers’ clerk. Andrew sees practice managers as increasingly moving away from a strict accounting focus to having a more strategic role in running the business. Andrew’s challenge was to not only provide a sophisticated learning and research solution to his internal customers, but also to maintain a tight grip on costs.

How did LexisNexis help?

LexisNexis offered a solution to address Andrew’s needs based on three components of its Legal Intelligence solution:

1. LexisLibrary: the most comprehensive online research tool for legal professionals. The service ensures access to a comprehensive set of cases, legislation, commentary and current awareness across all the firm’s practice areas.

2. LexisPSL: this service delivers essential practice expertise, sourced, created and organised online by a team of Professional Support Lawyers. It uses our experience of critical topics in core practice areas to guide users to the most current information, common issues and resources relevant to the matter in hand. LexisPSL saves valuable time and gives its customers the confidence to advise their clients accurately and quickly.

3. LexisLearning: webinars consist of a one-hour, live and interactive audio-video web broadcast, an online CPD assessment and exclusive Butterworths content, delivered by industry experts. Webinars are designed to be extremely cost effective, and customers can drastically reduce the amount spent on their professional training by meeting CPD requirements at their desks.

 “ Our perception of LexisNexis has changed over the last year... We’ve gone from thinking of you as just a library service to thinking of you as a multi- functional tool for the library, for PSL services and for training.”

Andrew Moore, Practice Manager, Wortley Byers

How did Wortley Byers benefit?

Wortley Byers has grown in recent years and continued to perform well in 2008 in a difficult economic environment. In 2009, the focus is on maintaining high levels of client service and ensuring resources are in place to enable the firm to respond quickly to changing events. The LexisNexis solution is a key means for achieving these goals. After LexisLibrary was implemented, LexisNexis and Wortley Byers worked together to ensure the firm was getting maximum value. LexisNexis delivered customised training and set up personalised online home pages and bookshelves. As a result, the staff have become more effective and efficient at research and are ultimately able to provide better legal advice and client service. Andrew said, “Previously many senior lawyers thought of the online library as just books on screen. Setting up alerts, linking from KnowHow and creating online bookshelves have changed all of that. They recognise it’s far more than that.”

He went onto explain, “Our perception of LexisNexis has changed over the last year. We’ve been heavily involved in introducing Webinars from LexisLearning, we already have KnowHow to add to LexisLibrary, and we hope to replace some of our other existing online services with LexisPSL this year. We’ve moved from thinking of you as just a library service to thinking of you as a multi-functional tool for the library, for PSL services and for training. The overall service is far better than we could get elsewhere.”

“With Webinars we’re making huge savings of around 65% of our budget on training and the associated expenses of travel and time out of the office. The Webinars are very informative and, of course, can be used more than once... they help us provide the training that individual departments need rather than simply sending our people out in order to make their CPD hours.” Andrew summarised his thoughts by saying, “The approach from LexisNexis is tremendously important to us. It will save us a small fortune by reducing duplication, getting to information more quickly and most importantly freeing up fee-earner time to earn fees. You’ve changed your game with a tremendous improvement on ease of use, which means that it’s now easy to find what you want and link through to a whole range of materials, from LexisLibrary, Webinars from LexisLearning, to LexisPSL, a whole system of relevant information. The problem with PLC is that it’s standalone, it doesn’t go anywhere; it isn’t a patch on your system.”

Read the case study: Legal Intelligence Case Study - WortleyByers.pdf