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The page will provide you with a selection of useful link to each of the LexisNexis products and resources related to each.

Legal Intelligence

Legal Intelligence recognises that lawyers have different needs depending on their role, the organisation in which they work and the matter in hand. With Legal Intelligence you can choose the right type of legal information delivered through the right media tailored to your needs, all with the quality assurance and insights for which LexisNexis, its internal experts and external contributing authors are renowned.



LexisLibrary offers you thousands of trusted legal, tax and regulatory sources, such as Butterworths, Tolley's, Halsbury's Laws, Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment and The Civil Court Practice, as well as wide-ranging primary source materials including the All England Law Reports, Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents and Atkins Court Forms. It is the industry's most extensive and authoritative library of essential legal and tax intelligence.


Fast and highly intuitive, LexisPSL provides you with online access to practical guidance, Butterworths commentary, cases, legislation, forms and precedents. Like having a team of Professional Support Lawyers on your desktop, LexisPSL helps you get to relevant, up-to-date information instantly, providing a cost effective way to free up time to earn more fees.

Practice Areas available on LexisPSL include: Company Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Family, Local Government, Personal Injury and Property.


LexisCheck ensures that legal references are accurate, helping you to reduce cost, increase productivity and manage risk. Use LexisCheck when drafting or reviewing documents, determining reliability of web content and monitoring client documents, or knowhow, for legal changes. LexisCheck combines our legal intelligence with yours, giving you increased confidence to act efficiently.

EU Tracker:

Monitor the implementation of EU Directives. Our easy-to-read traffic light system and expert analysis shows thedifferent paths for implementationof key Directives across 20 member states, so you can spot business development opportunities and offer proactive, expert advice.

Business Intelligence

Turn business information into competitive advantage by using our taxonomy, content handling and publishing skills to enable new ways of working. Create solutions that are unique to your business and increase your ROI on existing investments by integrating our content into your systems.



Whether you need information for current awareness, competitor insight, business development, customer on-boarding or even reputation management, Nexis can help. Research and monitor one of the world's largest collections of business, company, people, and industry, regulatory and legal content. Nexis is our powerful professional service, allowing you to mine over 35,000 sources of premium content online.

Nexis Direct:

This integration of premium information and a Google-like interface allows executives to produce better quality research; prepare more effectively for meetings and presentations; be alerted more efficiently to key industry or competitive events and to minimise unproductive time spent searching on the public web. The service is based around a manager’s typical tasks, with pre-defined screens for researching companies, industries and people.


LexisNexis Publisher is a current awareness tool that integrates business and news content into your intranet site. Choose the information your employees need (on companies, competitors and industry issues, for example) and put it on the Intranet or Internet where it will have maximum impact. Integrate the content into your intranet’s own in-house style and add your own content, pictures and press releases. You have full administrative control over what content goes out, and you can choose to edit the information and decide how often your employees receive updates and news alerts.


LexisNexis KYC helps protect your organisation from the reputational, regulatory and monetary risks associated with financial crime and other external threats to your business. As a money laundering reporting officer (MLRO) or member of a Corporate Security team, you can feel confident that by implementing a consistent, auditable process, you have minimised your personal liability and streamlined your due diligence procedures.


LexisNexis KYCID helps you to comply with the customer due diligence measures outlined in the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and accompanying industry guidance. The service has been designed to be quick and simple to use and helps minimise the risks and inefficiencies of paper based checks. Search functionality includes ID verfication, company & director checks and negative media searches.

Tax Intelligence

Tolley Tax Intelligence is the culmination of LexisNexis's expertise in the tax market. We have worked with a wide range of tax professionals to create solutions that are relevant to sole practictioners as they are to the Big Four. Tailored packages are created from any number of the four elements of Tax Intelligence, TolleyLibrary, TolleyGuidance, TolleyLearning and TolleyInsight, so that each firm can choose the solution and hte medium that is right for them. And with the Tolley seal of quality on each element, practitioners can be confident that when they rely on Tax Intelligence, they are relying on the very best that the market has to offer. 



TolleyLibrary brings together the eminent content from names such as Tolley, Butterworths, LexisNexis, Simon's De Voil, Taxation and Tax Journal and positions it within a cutting-edge online service which enables users to quickly get to the content that they need. TolleyLibrary is the result of years of client feedback, detailed research and sheer hard work. The platform has been built specifically for the UK tax and accountancy market to ensure that it meets its needs. The entirely new user interface has been streamlined and simplified so that it only takes a few moments to understand how it works and be able to unleash the power of our content.


TolleyGuidance is Tolley's new online service which has been designed to provide practical and relevant tax information combined with insight from some of the UK's leading tax professionals - to ensure you have the most up-to-date information with which to deal with your clients' current and future needs.